• We provide contract pest control for a range of businesses in the food, leisure, retail, office and industrial sectors.
  • BRC Standards in Food Production and Storage
  • Protecting premises and stored products or textiles
  • Proofing (preventing pests from entering your property)
  • Electronic Flying Insect Killers (EFK's)
  • Bird netting, wire and spike systems
  • Solar Panel protection from pigeon infestation
  • Agrilaser Autonomic Approved Installer
  • Laser protection systems
  • Acoustic bird scaring systems
  • Insect/Fly screen windows and doors
  • Deterring nuisance animals
  • Rabbit fencing and Deer fencing
  • Pressure washing
  • Steam Cleaning
  • Removal of bird droppings
  • Humane dispatch of injured/trapped animals RTA's etc

Contract cover is subject to a free no obligation survey.