Professional and experienced pest control services for:

     ~ Rats and Mice
     ~ Wasps, Hornets, Feral Honey Bees
     ~ Ants (Ghost, Pharaoh, Argentine, Black etc.) 
     ~ Pigeons, Seagulls and other birds (Magpies, Crows etc.)
     ~ Cat Fleas and Dog Fleas
     ~ Flies (cluster flies, bluebottle, blow flies etc.)
     ~ Bed bugs
     ~ Moths (food, carpet, Indian Meal etc.)
     ~ Cockroaches
     ~ Beetles (carpet, stored product insects etc.)
     ~ Woodworm (Common Furniture Beetle)
     ~ Foxes
     ~ Squirrels
     ~ Moles
     ~ Rabbits and Mink
     ~ False Widow Spiders and other pest Spider species
     ~ Greenfly & Ladybird
     ~ Mites (pscoids), booklice

Don't expose yourself to harm or the many diseases carried by vermin and pests, call today for help, satisfaction guaranteed.

Expert pest control service for:

     ~  Proofing (preventing pests from entering your property)
     ~  Bird spikes, netting and wire
     ~  Solar Panel protection from pigeon infestation
     ~  Insect/Fly screen windows and doors
     ~  Deterring nuisance animals 
     ~  Rabbit fencing and Deer fencing
     ~  Pressure washing
     ~  Steam Cleaning
     ~  Removal of bird droppings
     ~  Driveway weed removal

We provide a professional, reliable and discreet service, with an initial survey to pinpoint extent of problem and the very best prices around.